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1   What are the continuing education requirements for Florida INITIAL licensure?

  • (one) 1 hour of HIV/AIDS approved continuing education is required.    DOH Rule 64B3-5

2   What are the continuing education requirements for Florida RENEWAL?

a. First Time Renewal: Clinical Lab personnel initially licensed within the biennium are exempt from the continuing education requirement with the exception of:

  • two (2) hours of Prevention of Medical Errors  
  • one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS    DOH Rule 64B3-11

b. Current licensees WHO RENEWED the previous August of the EVEN year are required to complete a MINIMUM of 24 total hours of approved continuing education as follows:

  • 20 hours – General Hours - For licensees with a Specialty – one (1) contact hour of CE must be completed in each of the specialty categories in which you are licensed.
  • 2 hours -  Preventing Medical Errors 
  • 1 hour in HIV/AIDS 
  • 1 hour in Florida Laws and Rules
  • For Director/Supervisor Licensees – one (1) hour in administration and supervision CE must be completed.  Licensees upgrading to a Director/Supervisor are exempt from the one (1) contact hour CE in administration and supervision for that biennium   DOH Rule 64B3-11.001

3   Can I order for multiple people ?

Yes, however, you must:

  • in the box labelled "Name" during checkout, type ALL names, then a dash, followed by their personal e-mail address (no work e-mails, as our system can not approve that access to the online quiz(zes).  To separate the names, please type a seni colon and 2 spaces between each individual. 

EXAMPLE:   Jane Doe - JaneDoe@yahoo.com;  John Doe - JohnDoe@live.com


  • now, in the box labelled "License Number" during checkout, please type each individual's FIRST name, then a dash, followed by their license number.  Then type a seni colon to separate each person. IF there are 2 people with the same 1st name, please type the last initial.

EXAMPLE:   Tom - FL# SU 1234;  Maria G. - FL# TC 1616;  Maria F. - FL# TC 1725


4   Is Florida Excell the same as CE Broker?

NO !  They are different.


  • Florida Excell is a an approved provider of LAB continuing education (for Florida , as well as other states and National accrediting Boards) .  We can only post OUR Board-approved Florida RENEWAL credits to CE Broker, once the licensee has completed said credits.


  • CE Broker  is the tracking system  that the Florida Department of Health (all 22 Boards + 6 Councils) uses to track licensees RENEWAL credits.


5   How often does Florida Excell report CEs to CE Broker?

  • Florida Excell strives to report Florida renewal CE  within 7 business days.  
  • By law, all Florida Board approved providers shall submit licensee  program completion data (Florida renewal CE ONLY) through the CE tracking system (CE Broker) within thirty (30) days of program completion.

DOH Rule 64B-5.002  Amended 9-21-15

6   Does Florida Excell report credits to CE Broker?


Yes.  However, only  RENEWAL  credits can be reported.  


**  Any and all INITIAL or UPGRADE credits MUST be sent from the licensee (ie: Certificates of Completion) to the Florida Department of Health, Board of Clinical Lab. 

7   Can CEs be "dual-purposed"?

Yes.  The can be applied to more than one license.  Also, HIV and Medical Errors can be used for UPGRADE and RENEWAL IF completed during the current renewal biennium.

8   Does Florida Excell offer any discounts?


Yes.  We offer a discount on large volume orders over $1,000..

9   What payment methods do you accept?


We accept the following payment methods:



  •   Debit cards that have a VISA or MasterCard logo on them.

**  ALL of the above types of payments are processed through PayPal.


  •   For purchase orders, you MUST call 850.901.5516.



10   What should I do if I lost my Florida Excell, Lab Continuing Education certificate(s) of completion?

Lost Certificates of Completion originally issued by Florida Excell, Lab Continuing Education, may be reissued by us as DUPLICATES at a charge of $5.00 for each certificate needed.  Please click the following link to order your DUPLICATE Certificate(s) of Completion                                                                          https://www.floridaexcell.com/Product/0

11   After I receive and/or print my certificates of completion, what should I do with them?


   ♦  WITHIN 7-10 days after acheiving a passing score, Florida Excell, LAB     
       Continuing Education WILL report these hours to CE Broker. 
   ♦  IF audited, only THEN, will you be required to send your certificate to the
       Florida Board of CLP.

   ♦  Keep your certificate in a safe place.  IF you need DUPLICATE certificate,
       you may order that via our website, by clicking this link 


   •  Florida Excell, LAB Continuing Education CANNOT report these hours to
       any non-Florida state Licensing Board.

   •  YOU are required to follow the reporting process for these hours/points to
       any non-Florida state Licensing Board.

   •  Keep your certificate in a safe place; IF you need a DUPLICATE certificate,
       you may order one via our website, by clicking this link

12   How and when do I receive and/or print my certificate of completion ?

  • Upon passing (70% or greater for renewal courses;  80% or greater for UPGRADE courses), you will see immediate results on screen on the online quiz.  There will be a "button" on the top right to download and print the certificate.
  • Additionally, the "results" (with a link to download the certificate), will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided during the online quiz.  Please check ALL folders (spam, trash, junk, and inbox).  The sender will be "Florida Excell, LAB Continuing Education", and the subject will read "Your Online Test Results".

13   What happens if I do not pass the course?

  • The passing score is 70% for renewal courses; 80% for UPGRADE courses. You will be notified immediately on the online quiz screen that you did not attain a passing score, with intructions to take your second opportunity to achieve a passing score at no additional charge. 

14   What date is placed on my certificate of completion?

The completion date is the date that one achieves a passing score on their online quiz(zes). 

15   Is there a time limit once I am online taking the quiz(zes) ?

No, there is no time limit.  At any time, you can save and finish later, as often as you wish, by clicking the RED Save and finish later  button.  

To resume the quiz, follow the instructions on the screen.  Do NOT close your browser, window or tab, until you have clicked the RED Finish button, AND the RED Confirm Finish buttons.

16   Is there a time limit to complete my course?


The expiration date for each course is shown in  BLUE  on each course "details" page on this website.

17   How and when do I receive my order since there is no longer paper options ?

We will e-mail your course(s), the "printable questions (in pdf), any article(s) for you to download & print,  PLUS the link(s) to the online Quiz to the e-mail address that was provided on the order within by 9:30am OR 9:30pm, depending on when payment has cleared.   

You MUST check the "spam" folder, as well as the "inbox".  The sender e-mail is: Orders@FloridaExcell.com.

If an E-Book was ordered, that will be delivered in the same e-mail as above, with instructions on how to access the E-Book.

If a physical book was ordered, that will be shipped by the method that was chosen at checkout.


18   Can I take courses online?

Yes, ALL our courses are ONLY available ONLINE.  Click on blue the link below to view and/or to order:



 ► ► You MUST check spam & trash folders at 9am or 9pm (Eastern), for the e-mail,                 which contains your order.

     The sender e-mail is: Orders@FloridaExcell.com