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1   What are the continuing education requirements for Florida INITIAL licensure?

  • (two) 2 hours of Preventing Medical Errors approved continuing education.
  • (one) 1 hour of HIV/AIDS approved continuing education.    DOH Rule 64B3-5

2   What are the continuing education requirements for Florida RENEWAL?

a. First Time Renewal: Clinical Lab personnel initially licensed within the biennium are exempt from the continuing education requirement with the exception of:

  • two (2) hours of Prevention of Medical Errors  
  • one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS    DOH Rule 64B3-11

b. Current licensees WHO RENEWED the previous August of the EVEN year are required to complete a MINIMUM of 24 total hours of approved continuing education as follows:

  • 20 hours – General Hours - For licensees with a Specialty – one (1) contact hour of CE must be completed in each of the specialty categories in which you are licensed.
  • 2 hours -  Preventing Medical Errors 
  • 1 hour in HIV/AIDS 
  • 1 hour in Florida Laws and Rules
  • For Director/Supervisor Licensees – one (1) hour in administration and supervision CE must be completed.  Licensees upgrading to a Director/Supervisor are exempt from the one (1) contact hour CE in administration and supervision for that biennium   DOH Rule 64B3-11.001

3   Can I take courses online?

Yes, click on the link to view and/or to order:



 ► ONLINE  Access  Links  for  Quizzes OR  Course(s)  will  be  e-mailed  between  the  hours  of  8 am  &  11 pm  (Eastern),  every  day.

     You MUST check the "spam" folder, as well as the "inbox".  The sender e-mail is: Orders@FloridaExcell.com

4   How and when do I receive my order by the e-mail delivery option?

We will send your course(s), TEST sheet(s),  OR Quiz (questions) to the e-mail address that was provided on the order within 2 - 3 days, once payment has cleared.   

You MUST check the "spam" folder, as well as the "inbox".  The sender e-mail is: Orders@FloridaExcell.com
     See exception below

 ► ►  Exception:  During the months of :   JUNE,  JULY  &  AUGUST - 2018 -  MOST  orders are  e-mailed  within 4 - 5 business days by 4:00 pm (Eastern).

5   Is there a time limit to complete my course?


The expiration date for each course is shown in  RED  on the top right corner on each Bubble-in TEST sheet, and in BLUE on each course "details" page on this website.

6   What happens if I lose my Bubble-in TEST Sheet(s)?

Lost TEST Sheet(s) originally issued by Florida Excell, may be reissued by us as DUPLICATES at a charge of $5.00 each.  Please request DUPLICATES of lost TEST Sheet(s) by phone (Mon - Thurs) at 850-906-0377 (local)  OR  800-553-2387 (toll-free).  The “original” TEST sheet(s) is/are  NOW  null  and  void

7   How do I return my Bubble-in TEST Sheet?

Choose only   ONE   method for sending your TEST sheet:    

   A.  By E-MAIL (scan & save in pdf or jpeg) & e-mail to:   scan2flexcell@aol.com

    B.  By FAX (available 24/7) to:   Fax  850-906-0380



   C.  By U.S.  MAIL  to:   Testing Office

                                            P.O.  Box 797

                                            Havana,  FL  32333

8   How can I check if you received my TEST Sheet?

A.  If you E-MAILED it, you will receive an automated response.  IF there is a problem, you will receive a personal e-mail on our next business day with an explanation. 

B.  If you FAXED it, you may call us on our next business day (Mondays – Thursdays) at 850-906-0377 (local)  OR  800-553-2387 (toll-free) after 2pm (ET).  

C.  If you MAILED it (Post Office), please wait 7 business days before calling us on our next business day (Mon – Thurs) at 850-906-0377 (local)  OR  800-553-2387 (toll-free)  after 2pm (ET). 

9   What date is placed on my certificate of completion?

The completion date is the date that Testing Office receives your TEST Sheet and you have attained a passing score. 

10   What happens if I do not pass the course?

  • The passing score is 70% for renewal courses; 80% for UPGRADE courses.  You will be notified by phone, e-mail, or U.S. Mail (if we cannot reach you by any other method) that you did not attain a passing score.
  • If you did not pass on your first attempt, you will have a second opportunity to achieve a passing score at no additional charge.  Your TEST Sheet will be returned to you so that you can see which questions you missed, make corrections, and resubmit your answers.

11   How and when do I receive my certificate of completion?


  • Upon passing (70% for renewal courses;  80% for UPGRADE courses), we will send you your certificate of completion by the method you indicated on your Bubble-in TEST Sheet.
  • IF you indicated “send by e-mail”, it will be sent within 7 business days  to the e-mail address you provided on your Bubble-in TEST Sheet.  You MUST check the "spam" folder, as well as the "inbox".   
  • IF you indicated “U.S. Mail”, it will be sent from our Testing Office within 7 business days  to you by First-Class Mail.

12   After I receive my certificates of completion, what should I do with them?

  •   FOR FLORIDA RENEWAL:    KEEP your certificates of completion in a safe place in case you are audited.  ONLY IF you are audited, will the Florida Board of Clinical Lab Personnel ask you to send your signed certificates of all of your completed CEs.  
  •  FOR FLORIDA INITIAL LICENSES & UPGRADES:    SEND your signed certificates of completion to the Florida Board of Clinical Lab Personnel, as stated on the Board’s application check list.
  •    FOR ASCP RENEWAL:    KEEP your certificates of completion in a safe place in case  you are audited.  ONLY IF you are audited, will the ASCP Board of Certification ask you to send your signed certificates of all of your completed CEs.  
  •   FOR AAB, AMT, AND OTHER STATE LICENSEES:    CHECK with your board for their rules regarding what to do with your certificates of completion.

13   What should I do if I lost my Florida Excell certificates of completion?

Lost certificates of completion originally issued by Florida Excell, may be reissued by us as duplicates at a charge of $5.00 each.  Please request duplicates of certificates of completion by phone (Mon – Thurs) at 850-906-0377 (local)  OR  800-553-2387 (toll-free).

14   What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:



  •   Debit cards that have a VISA or MasterCard logo on them.

**  ALL of the above types of payments are processed through PayPal

  •   Purchase Orders.  These MUST be signed and then:

         a.     Faxed to 850-906-0380


         b.     E-mailed to orders@FloridaExcell.com


15   Does Florida Excell offer any discounts?

Yes.  We offer a discount on large volume orders over $1,000..

16   Can CEs be "dual-purposed"?

Yes.  The can be applied to more than one license.  Also, HIV and Medical Errors can be used for UPGRADE and RENEWAL IF completed during the current renewal biennium.

17   Does Florida Excell report credits to CE Broker?


Yes.  However, only  RENEWAL  credits can be reported.  

**  Any and all INITIAL or UPGRADE credits MUST be sent from the licensee (ie: Certificates of Completion) to the Florida Department of Health, Board of Clinical Lab. 

18   How often does Florida Excell report CEs to CE Broker?

  • Florida Excell strives to report Florida renewal CE  within 7 business days.  
  • By law, all Florida Board approved providers shall submit licensee  program completion data (Florida renewal CE ONLY) through the CE tracking system (CE Broker) within thirty (30) days of program completion.

DOH Rule 64B-5.002  Amended 9-21-15

19   Is Florida Excell the same as CE Broker?

NO!  They are different.

  • Florida Excell is a an approved provider of LAB continuing education (for Florida , as well as other states and National accrediting Boards) .  We can only post OUR Board-approved Florida RENEWAL credits to CE Broker, once the licensee has completed said credits.



  • CE Broker  is the tracking system  that the Florida Department of Health (all 22 Boards + 6 Councils) uses to track licensees RENEWAL credits.