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03-H ► Blood Gas Analysis for Bedside Dx : ** Total of 3-hours in: Blood Gases


Lab Area:  Blood Gases

  ► EXPIRES on:  Feb. 28, 2021


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements: 

  • Florida’s 1-hour minimum requirement
  • ASCP’s remaining points in other lab area interest 
  • Other national and/or state license needs



This course discusses the basic physiology for the maintenance of blood pH by way of both the respiratory buffer response and the renal buffer response as well as how pH is dependent upon the ratio of the partial pressure of CO2 to HCO3- .  Also included are: the conditions that cause respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis, and metabolic alkalosis; blood gas sampling, possible errors in sampling, interpretation, limitations, and determination of the authenticity of blood gas analysis reports.  



Article used: “Blood Gas Analysis for Bedside Diagnosis”, by Virendra Singh, Shruti Khatana, and Pranav Gupta, in National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, 2013.  (13 Pages)     


Total of 3-hours 3-points in: 

  • Blood Gases

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       Reading Material (article or text book)  +  Quiz (questions)  +  1  "WORK" Sheet


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