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25-P ► Histotechnology • 20 Hours : ** Total of 20-hours in: 2 Lab Areas


2  Lab Areas:  Lab Safety ;


  ► EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2021


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements:

  • Florida’s 1-hour minimum requirement in each  of the areas above
  • ASCP’s 2-point minimum requirement in Histology   +  1-point minimum requirement in Lab Safety 
  • Other national and/or state license needs


This course discusses fixation, processing, instrumentation, carbohydrates, nuclear & cytoplasmic staining, immunohistochemistry and enzyme immunohistochemistry.  Also included are visual identification of particular stains, chemicals used, problems presented, and how to correct specified problems.  Lab math, lab informatics and safety issues for histology personnel are also discussed. 


Workbook  Used:  Histotechnology - A Self Assessment WORKBOOK (3rd  Edition), by Carson, ASCP Press, 2015 (283 pages). 



Total of 20-hours 20-points:

  •   1 in Lab Safety
  • 19 in Histology

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