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49 H ► Phlebotomy: 9-Hours . . . Total of 9-hours in: 2 Lab Areas


2  Lab Areas:   Safety;  


 ► This course EXPIRES (MUST be completed by) 11:55pm (ET) on

       Dec. 31, 2023


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements:

  • ASCP’s  9-point requirement for those licensed as: PBT  
  • ASPT’s  6-hour mimimum requirement  
  • Other national and/or state license needs


 1  Article:

  • "Personnel’s Experiences of Phlebotomy Practices after Participating in an Educational Intervention Programme”, by Bolenius, K;  Bruln, C; and Graneheim, U., (8 pages).


 1  Pocket Guide:

  • Phlebotomy Notes: Pocket Guide to Blood Collection by Strasinger, S. and Di Lorenzo, M., (211 pages).

This course includes safety, procedures, practices, documentation, specimen handling, transportation, collection equipment, preanalytical complications, special collections and more. 


Total of 9-hours 9-points in:

  • 1 in Safety
  • 8 in Phlebotomy


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 • ALL Certificates will be available ONLINE  ONLY for you to print / save upon achieving a passing score (70%) online •