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12 D • HIV Testing Update . . . Total of 1-hour in: HIV • AIDS


Lab Area:   HIV  AIDS

   EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2023


This course meets the following requirements:

  • Florida’s 1-hour license requirement for:  RENEWAL and/or UPGRADE and/or NEW (initial)
  • ASCP’s RENEWAL requirement in other related laboratory area of interest
  • Other national and/or state license needs 


This course includes the updated recommendations (from the U.S. Dept of HHS, the CDC, and the ACA), discussion of mandatory testing, benefits of more frequent testing, and the supporting role of most insurance companies.


Article used:  "HIV Testing In the United States" by CDC and the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation, June 2018  (7 pages).     


Total of 1-hour/1-point in:


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