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08-F ► Lab Management UPGRADE ♦ 48 hours : **NEW (initial) or UPGRADE in Supervision/Administration


UPGRADE Area:  Supervision Administration

  ►  EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2021



This course meets the following NEW (initial)  or  UPGRADE requirements:  

  • Florida’s  48-hour  requirement for HT(ASCP)  UPGRADING  to a Florida HISTO Supervisor

  • Florida's  48-hour  requirement for HT(ASCP) seeking a NEW (initial) LAB license as a Florida HISTO Supervisor 


  • Florida’s  48-hour  requirement for a Florida HISTO Technologist (without an ASCP credential)  UPGRADING  to a Florida HISTO Supervisor


    review the CLP MATRIX in the link below for ALL of the above

       Supervisor (Histology) Matrix.pdf

  • Other national and/or state license needs



Specific topics discussed are decision making, human resources management, financial management, compliance issues, LIS decisions, marketing concepts, ethical issues, and career planning.  


Book used: Laboratory Management, Principles and Processes, by Harmening, 3rd edition, 2013.  (544 pages)  


Total of 48-hours for NEW (initial)  or  UPGRADE in:  

  • Supervision Administration

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 ►  Entire  PACKAGE  includes:  

      Reading  Material (article or text book)  +  Quiz  Booklet  +  1  "WORK"  Sheet 

 ►  "WORK"  Sheet  includes:  1  "WORK"  Sheet  ONLY;

       Quiz (questions) can be ordered separately, if needed.